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The Tbilisi International Animation Festival took place from November 2nd to 5th, 2023, in Tbilisi, Georgia, offering a diverse range of events, including film screenings, VR presentations, masterclasses, and more.


The festival's inaugural day featured a grand opening ceremony at the renowned "Amirani" cinema. Following the ceremonial events, the big hall showcased recent Georgian animated films that have garnered international acclaim. Notable productions included "Geno" directed by Dato Kiknavelidze, "Zolemia" directed by Nana Samanishvili, "Lile" directed by Natia Nikolashvili, "The Fisherman and the Girl" directed by Mamuka Tkeshelashvili, "Franzy's Soup-Kitchen" directed by Ana Chubinidze, "Horizon" directed by Dato Kiknavelidze, "Oh, Mother, Mother..." directed by Khatuna Tatuashvili, "Grandma" directed by Sandro Katamashvili, and "Us" directed by Mariam Kortua, along with "Was and Is" directed by Mariam Chijavadze and Bakar Sharashenidze.


Throughout the festival, a panorama of Georgian films was presented, and a dedicated VR space in the "Amirani" cinema lobby allowed attendees to experience the latest virtual reality films curated for the program.


The culmination of TIAF occurred on November 5th, 2023, with the announcement of winners from the 6th edition of the festival. The closing ceremony, held at the expansive grand hall of Amirani Cinema, was attended by official guests and a wide audience. After the official closing ceremony of the festival and the announcements of winners, the program "Taste of TIAF" showcased the best films from previous years, featuring films of special audience interest and those honored with international awards.


As per the international jury's decision, the grand prize of the festival was awarded to the German animated puppet film "The Last Bar," directed by Arne Hein. The accolade came with the festival's prestigious prize (Trophy) and a diploma, marking a fitting conclusion to this vibrant celebration of animation.


And the winners of TIAF-2023 are: !

From all the films that have been presented at the TIAF 2023 in different sections, winners are:

Grand Prix of the Festival

The Last Bar

Arne Hein, Germany

“ The jury awards the grand prix to a film we feel fullfiles all the criteria of a well-made animated film. The story is compelling and the construction and movement of the puppets are flowless. The film creates an impressive micro climate. “

Main Competition Special Mention

Temporarily Removed

Dotan Goldwaser, Yoav Brill, Israel

“A special mention goes to a film that mixes human and pathos.  It takes us behind scenes of what goes on in a museum with characters that are all unique and interesting with physical and spiritual feelings.”

Main Competition Special Mention

Paper Airplane

Tata Managadze, Georgia

“ A special mention goes to a film that expresses the Universal cry for freedom, a very interesting, strong ambience with created by the sound design.”

Human and Nature / Green Vision Award

Wan-Ling Liu  Taiwan

Tata Managadze, Georgia

“For the director’s ability to take us in a journey of human’s spiritual escape from the modern world to natural roots.”

Human and Nature / Green Vision Special Mention


Andrzej Jobczyk,  Poland

“For unique way of storytelling.”

Woman in Focus Program Award

Green Grass

Élise Augarten,  France

“For the expressing a painful trauma in an open way.”

Woman in Focus  Special Mention


Raito Low  Taiwan

“For the expressing an important topic in amazing animation  technique”

Woman in Focus  Special Mention

Goodbye, Woojoo

Korea Republic of

“For being involved in so much aspects of production and delivering such a high quality work.”

Fantasy and Horror Special Mention

Are you there Mr. Wolf?

Louise Laurent, Alizée Van de Valle, Emma Fessart, Jeanne Galland, Célina Lebon, Annouck François,  France

“For the great animation technique with expressive shots.”

Fantasy and Horror Special Mention

The Black reCat

Paolo Gaudio,  Italy

“For the nice character design and good adaptation of a famous novel.” 

Animated Documentary Award

Handmade Happiness

Vivien Mason, Australia

“for the unique way to express the importance of humans’ creativity”

Children Film Competition Award

The Magic Violet Rabbit

Kotoko Nakamura Japan

Children Film Special Mention

Franzy's Soup-Kitchen

Ana Chubinidze, Georgia/France

12+Children Film Competition Award


Robyn MacIntosh, Serin Chun, Canada

12+Children Film Special Mention


Julie Majcher, Alexandra Delaunay-Fernandez, Sixtine Emerat, Marine Benabdallah-Crolais, Scott Pardaillhe-Galabrun, Noémie Segalowicz, France

Animated Series Competition Award

The Smurfs Season 2 -The Talented Justa Smurf

JWilliam Renaud, Belgium

Identity/Society/Memory Award

A Boat In The Rain

Yoana Atanasova, Bulgaria, "For showing a challenging relationship  of pair through a visually poetic expression." •    Audience Award: Feast of Amrita, dir. Saku Sakamoto, Japan

Prizes awarded by Georgian Film Academy

Best Student Film of International Competition

Little Man

Pauline Pilarek, Aurélie Marchand, Laureline de Cremoux, Ariane Krief, Julie Olivieri, Clément Plays,  France

Best Student Film Award

Adventure in Museum

Valeria Valishvili,  Georgia

International Jury members:

Nancy Denney-Phelps, Ketevan Janelidze, Victor Tsiklauri Georgia

Congratulations to the winners!

The sponsors and partners of Tbilisi International Animation Festival are: Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth of Georgia, Tbilisi Hall, Georgian National Film Center, French Institute of Georgia and others.


Thanks to our supporters, partners, and to our beloved audience! Looking forward to seeing you next year!

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